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A very unique French coffee press with a wooden handle, top and bottom made by our son Pine -- his very first product featured on the online funding site www.kickstarter.com.

Want to order yours just go to www.meetpierre.com and follow the link to Kickstarter.

2016 Show Schedule

February 26-28, Southwest Leather Show, Prescott, AZ

March 11-13, A Legacy of Legends, Fort Worth, TX

May 13-15th, Western Heritage Classic Ranch Rodeo, Abilene, TX

May 20-22, Rocky Mountain Leather Show, Sheridan, WY

July 15-17, Early Californio Skills of the Rancho, Santa Maria, CA.

September 22-24, ELWATS European Leather Workers Show, Firminy, France

October 21-23, Pro-Am Ranch Roping, Santa Ynez, CA

November 11-13, WRCA Ranch rodeo finals, Amarillo, TX

November 18-20, Monterey Cowboy Poetry, Monterey, CA
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