Heres a nice pair of our OTB#6 steel spurs, done up with the 21point 2.5" diameter rowels. The customer wanted a minimum amount of silver and "jingle-bob's". Sent out with a high polish so the range patina could set in right away.

That same customer above ordered this matching pair for his wife. A clean pair of our OTB#4 bands with the 21 point rowels on 2.5" diameter. Nice high polish with jingle-bob's

Here is a little more of the deluxe order from JWP. Here we see a pair of the OTB#3 bands done with a full silver mount on one side only. A classy pair of working mans spurs, done with a hot blue finish and the rowels have been filed to give them the clean punchy look.

Here is a pair of the very popular OTB#4 spurs done with a custom monogram in sterling overlay, blued finish and jingle-bobs complete this very usable pair of spurs.

A pair of spurs done for a man and wife pair who know how too enjoy the sage brush and sunshine that we are Blessed with.

A great group of spurs done up here at the JWP silver shop. Take note of those new pattern spiral conchos we are doing , the ones shown are not engraved just yet.

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